3D image guided spine surgery is revolutionizing how spinal procedures are performed.  A three dimensional view of the anatomy during surgery allows the surgeon to accurately visualize the anatomy and protect critical structures during a procedure.

If one is considering spine surgery, know that there’s never been a better time to undergo an Image Guided Spine Surgery. Surgical imaging and navigation technologies enable our surgeons to perform with accuracy and enhanced visualization both before and during surgery.

Before surgery – Surgical planning software can help surgeons prepare for the patient’s procedure
During surgery – Intraoperative imaging provides a detailed view of the patient’s anatomy in real time.

What is Surgical Imaging and Navigation?

Using intraoperative scans and a technology similar to GPS navigation system, the surgical guidance systems used at Premier Brain and Spine allows our neurosurgeons to visualize the patient’s anatomy in a 3D view and precisely place surgical instrumentation throughout a procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Surgical Imaging and Navigation?

Choosing a neurosurgeon who operates with an Imaging System and navigation technology has the following benefits:

  • The neurosurgeon can use this new technology to accurately navigate through the delicate anatomy and avoid critical structures in the spine
  • Perform a less invasive procedure
  • Preserve healthy anatomy during the procedure
  • Helps the neurosurgeon make better decisions during the procedure

Surgeons using this technology are also provided with the latest high-definition, real-time images before, during, and post procedure.

These sophisticated tools are available at Premier Brain and Spine.  Our neurosurgeons specialize in Image Guided Spinal Surgery.  Ask your surgeon about 3D image guided surgery.